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Unisci Community Fund

How does it work?

Earnings from the minting are divided as follows:

~70% Community Fund

~10% Unisci Wallet

20% Unisci Team

Unisci Wallet

All transactions related to Unisci will go through this wallet.

About 10%, probably less will be retained for the running costs of the project.


Community Fund

Welcome to the Unisci Community Fund - the perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about NFTs and want to make a difference! As a project that creates selected NFTs ourselves, we understand the potential of the NFT market and the importance of community involvement. That's why we created our Unisci Community Fund. Each Unisci NFT that you hold represents the same share in our community fund, ensuring that every holder is treated equally and has the potential to benefit from our investments.

Unisci selects the most promising premium NFTs and coins to invest in, based on strict criteria of art, utility, and community. The funds we raise from our NFT sales are invested back into our community fund. This allows us to support the growth and development of exciting new projects.

The 2 purposes for our Fund:
1. Backing our own nfts through assets
1.1 To calculate backing per nft, divide the Community Fund Floor by the outstanding nfts -> CFF/O.NFTS (for example 77'000xrd/200nfts = 385xrd backing per nft)
2. Creating value for our own project

Unisci reserves the right to liquidate the funds to enhance the utility or community engagement of our NFTs, and invest in other innovative projects in the space. For further transparency, please note our point 4 of the Terms and Conditions.

Join our community of like-minded pioneers who share a passion for NFTs and making a difference.


Current holdings:


  • 220 RaDragons

  • 220 RaEggs

  • 51 Buff Token

  • 45 Radorables

  • 44 Draginz

  • 25 Robos

  • 15 Vikings

  • 10 Arcane Labyrinth

  • 4 Nerds

  • 4 Scorpions

  • 3 Buff1 Token

  • 1 Tesseract

  • 1 Rifle

  • 1 Gnome Society


  • 9k xrd staked

  • 1 THC

  • 645'400 Crumbs

  • 1495 VKC

  • 0.06956 sFloop

  • 10 Bobby

  • 5000 Foton

  • 135 Ociswap

  • 134 Astrolescent

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